Personal Injury Lawyer Long Island, NY

Personal injury lawyers are there to protect the interests of their clients when they get injured due to the negligence of others. The potential exists for substantial awards to persons injured by acts of individuals or by products that cause injuries when used as directed because they are poorly designed or manufactured. Personal injury law compensates victims and their loved ones for pain and suffering, lost wages and loss of consortium. If the negligence is so drastic that punishment is appropriate, plaintiffs can recover punitive damages, which can become a large portion of the recovery.

Typically, a person will seek a personal injury lawyer for accidents involving motor vehicle accidents (MVA), construction accidents, and slip and falls. Accidents frequently occur in high risk employment scenarios, such as those involving scaffolding and heavy machinery. Additionally, personal injury lawyers can protect the rights of victims in criminal cases such as assault and battery or murders, and when accidents occur on the property of others.

Personal injury lawyers are also essential in claims of medical malpractice. These types of claims can arise when a medical professional fails to properly diagnose an illness, performs a mistake during surgery, or makes some other medication mistake. While it is always important to seek a legal professional as soon as possible, this is especially true in the area of medical malpractice. Stringent deadlines, coupled with the delay in discovering medical malpractice has occurred, often limit potential recovery for victims.

In the area of products liability law, personal injury lawyers can attain compensation for victims who use products that are dangerous even when used in compliance with the manufacturer’s directions. Products liability law also includes injuries caused by harmful prescription drugs, such as Vioxx, faulty medical devices, such as pacemakers, and failures to properly package and maintain food, such as e-coli outbreaks.

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