Criminal Law Attorneys

We have all made mistakes. Sometimes our mistakes result in criminal prosecutions. At times, we may have been wrongly accused or the prosecution does not have enough evidence to convict. At other times, we may admit we have made a mistake and want to limit the damage to ourselves and our loved ones.

One of the most common areas of criminal prosecution is drunk driving. In Suffolk County alone, there are about 4,000 DWI prosecutions each year. While drunk driving is dangerous and can result in the serious injury and death of others, absent an accident, significant penalties and jail terms can usually be avoided. Where an accident has occurred, qualified legal representation will not suffice, it is imperative you hire a firm with experienced attorneys. Some DWI’s may result in the seizure or possible sale of your vehicle. Our office has the requisite experience to handle seizure hearings which may arise in connection with DWI charges. Many of these cases can be defended or negotiated, leading to a guilty plea to a reduced charge. A charge reduction can provide our client with the second chance that everyone deserves.

The office also handles other vehicle and traffic law violations prosecuted in traffic court, as well as other misdemeanor matters in District Court, and felony matters in County Court.

Do not wait to contact an attorney. The earlier a client retains legal counsel, the easier the road to a successful defense will be. Delays in the retention of an attorney can often result in statements and admissions which could otherwise have been avoided.

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